Tuesday, 28 May 2013

No more Blogger. New blog is now on my website!

I decided to stop using this separate blog here, and integrate all posts on my website. Personally I think that's a better idea, and I hope you do too.. :)

This page will stay online so you can still read all articles, but from now on please visit
www.kay-morgan.com for all news!

Much love,

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Kitty Kay

In September 2012 I did a shoot with Ultimate Psycho in Lyon. They dressed me up like a black and pink kitty cat. I was wearing a full latex outfit including a nice corset, transparent ballet heels, and a double hood. I even had some little cat toys.. :)

On my website as well as on my facebook page, I always just upload 1 or 2 pictures per shooting set. I like to just give an overview and not have albums full of similar photos.
But it's a shame that many photos stay unseen this way...so I decided to post a first series here.

Maybe some of you have already seen those pictures, since this set is also online on Ultimate Psycho's website, right *here* ;-)

The backstage video can be found here: http://vimeo.com/51446828#

If you like this, I can post more series here in the future. Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

About Pleaser...and high heels in general

Over the years I've bought a LOT of shoes from Pleaser. Qualitatively they are not great shoes but perfect for occasional wearing like for photoshoots and parties. They have a lot of different styles and the prices are definitely ok (At least when you know where to get them).
I have (had) all kind of different types of shoes from them; ankle boots, knee-high boots, buckled boots, sandals, ballet heels (Devious), pumps... most in black but also some white and red ones. If I need new shoes quick for a shooting or catwalk show, I often order a pair of Pleasers because they are quick to get, not very expensive, and fit with practically all fetish and/or latex outfits.

There are two kind of high heels that I particularly like: fine quality high heels (like designer heels, handmade fetish shoes,...) and extreme heels (like big platforms or very high single sole heels). For the first category it's mainly the quality of the shoe that makes my heart beat faster. Of course the design is also important. But the quality just makes it or breaks it.
For the second category I care less about the quality, and go for the extreme look of it. This is where Pleaser and similar brands fit in.

Of course it would be perfect to find and own many high quality handmade extreme heels, but 1.;there's not a very big offer, and 2.; they are often mostly very expensive. I'm not at all a rich girl, so I have to chose my expenses wisely and set priorities.

So, what I initially wanted to talk about in this blogpost...I was all excited when I discovered yesterday that Pleaser will start selling 10 inch heels now! So far they only produced shoes until 8 inch heel height. The 10 inch heels are now available for pre-order and I can't wait to get a pair!

Here's my wishlist for now:

I so love this heel height!

Would you like to see me in these heels?
And do you like extreme heels and/or platforms or do you prefer more "normal" heels?

Leave a comment!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Little update

I'm sorry but I have been neglecting my blog again for some time. I just noticed that my last post was somewhere in november so shame on me...
I don't do new year's resolutions but "taking care better of blog and emails" would be a good one for me though :/

Here's just a quick post to tell you that I'm still alive and what's coming next.

I've spent most of December at my parent's home in Belgium for the holiday season. So almost no internet and just enjoying some quiet time. After New Year I came back to Paris and still here now.
I started working on my website (version #1654215) but it will be finished very soon. Finally! There will be a separate post about that.

Next to that I'm looking for a job and spending most of my time on that.

I'm also planning some shootings and travels for the next coming months. About that, also more later.

I also still need to write a post about the last Dominatrix party and the Miss Fetish Europe contest.

So this week I'll definitely make some time to write for my blog and also make some new pictures. So stay tuned! :-)


Monday, 19 November 2012

Skincare routine

When I asked what you all wanted to read about on my blog, Tanja Sophie answered "Skin care, make up, how you stay in shape, what you eat". At first I was a bit surprised by this (because I don't consider myself the best person to talk about that...I don't have a perfect body nor perfect skin) but decided to give it a  go anyway.

Eventhough I am not a "girly girl", I love to read blogs about make-up, skincare, hair.and I also regularly watch youtube videos about these topics. I also love homemade DIY beauty recipes a lot.

This first post is about skincare only, but I will write about the other topics later. (Sorry guys, I guess a lot of you will skip these posts, hehe.)

My skin is mixed (normal to dry with sometimes a bit an oily T-zone), but after a skin analysis with a skin scanner, I learned that my skin is also dehydrated. They advised me to moisturize extra well and especially drink a lot of water.

Basically there are only 2 things I do for my skin every morning and evening: cleaning and moisturizing.

In the morning: For the cleansing I don't use any water or soap of any kind. I just drench a cotton pad with rosewater and clean my face and neck with this. Most of the time I buy ready made rose water in bottles, but you can also make it yourself. (You can find a good recipe on *this* website)
After some seconds the rosewater gets all dried up and then I apply my moisturizer.

Since about a year ago, I use "Belle de Jour" by Kenzoki and I absolutely love this cream. The smell is just incredible and it makes my skin very soft. Unfortunately it's quite expensive (about 110 euro for a little pot of 50ml) and -for me- it's not sufficient in cold/winter time. My skin gets very dry in this time (especially on the cheeks) and some hours after applying the cream, I can feel that my skin starts to be more dry and pulling again.

In the evening: When I'm wearing make-up that day, I first remove all my make-up with a makeup removing tissues for sensitive skin or with a cleanser milk. (Most of the time I use Diadermine but it can change). I find it very important to sleep with a clean hydrated face and so I will never go to bed without cleaning and moisturizing first. No matter how sick/tired/drunk/ I would be.
When my face looks clean, I use yet another cotton pad with cleansing milk to be really sure that all the make-up got removed.After this I clean my face again with a cotton pad drenched in rosewater. And to finish I apply my nightcream.
As nightcream I use Biocura's anti-aging nightcream since some years now. I love this cream. It doesn't make my skin feel more soft or so but it does moisturize very well. It's really the best cream I've ever used, it works like a charm and it's very budgetproof (only 2,70 euro for 50ml !). I tried other creams of this brand but they definitely work less good for me. 

In winter or when my face feels more dry, I don't use my normal daycream in the morning but apply my nightcream instead.

Additional care: 
I like to stick to my basic routine and prefer to not use too much extras.
Sometimes it's necessary though.

- Before going outside and when my lips feel a bit dry, I use a chapstick.
My favorite is Labello with cherry taste. I'm not a fan of fruity flavoured lipcare but this cherry Labello is definitely an exception. And it also gives a nice subtle red color.

- If my lips are dry or chapped, I use Blistex lip relief cream or pure karité butter. They both moisture and soothe my lips very fast.

- After taking a shower I sometimes apply a body butter from the Body shop (Moringa or coconut smell). It works very well (and I love that all their products are animal testing and cruelty free). I'm too lazy to do this every day though. I also don't like the fact that I'm all sticky before putting my clothes on, and find the smell of the cream too much in combination with my perfume. 

- When my skin starts to feel a little bit dull, I use a homemade sugar & honey scrub, or a rough sea salt scrub. I only do this 2 or 3 times a year, mainly after I've been on holidays and had a lot of sun exposure.

- When I have a dry area of skin somewhere, I swear by pure karité butter (also known as shea butter), or pure argan oil.

- Sometimes I apply honey all over my face to make it a bit more soft and nice. It doesn't work as well as karité butter, but it definitely works. And it's easy and quick, and smells nice.

- When my skin complexion isn't so good (due to bad foods in the days before f.e.), I use sea salt to get it better again. Sea salt works as a natural exfoliator and detoxifier, and it has antiseptic effects. I take a tablespoon of sea salt and mix it with a little bit of water. Then I apply it all over my face with my fingers or with a cotton pad. I leave it on for about 30 minutes and then wash it off. After 2 or 3 days my skin is usually already in a much better state again.  

- To take care of my feet I also use pure karité butter, this way they are always super soft. I apply it just before sleeping or during the day (when I stay at home) in combination with thick socks.
Same goes for my hands. During the day I apply a little bit of butter so they don't get too greasy. Once in a while I put a thick layer in combination with cotton gloves.

That's about it.

I have to add that my skincare routine has been completely different until 3 years ago. I had tons of stuff which I very regularly used (masks, facial scrubs, peelings, body scrubs, toner, body creams, eye cream, cleansing soaps...all kind of different types and brands). Over the years I just started to use more and more.
After my teenage years (with accompanying  acne), the acne dissapeared more or less but my skin stayed in quite a bad state. Redness, very sensitive, quickly oily, very easy break out... it just wasn't clear and healthy looking. So I kept on buying new and more products, which all promised a clear and healthy skin. But nothing worked and it only got worse.

So on a certain day I decided to drastically change my skincare routine. I stopped using all the products and only used a moisturizing cream in the morning and evening. My skin instantantly started to look way better.
Shortly after that, a friend told me about rosewater and how she benefits from it. So I decided to try it out. With absolutely great results. Since I don't wash my face with water anymore but with rosewater instead, it doesn't "pull" anymore and feels a lot less dry. It may sound a bit odd, but water really dries out your skin.
At the same time I started to browse through youtube videos which plead for natural approach in skincare. And this is how I found out about karité butter, argan oil, coconut oil, healthy homemade masks and scrubs and much more.

Rosewater and karité butter are definitely 2 wonder products and I would recommend everyone to try them out. Maybe it works as good for you as it does for me. On top of that it's way cheaper than other products.
In general I would say, reduce in all the chemical and synthetic stuff and go for natural. Just be nice to your skin. :)

To take good care if your skin, it's very important to also live healthy. Enough sleep, regular excercise and a good diet.
I notice a very big difference in my complexion when I change my eating habits, even when it's just for 1 day. Cheese or dairy products don't do much good for my skin. Sometimes I even get an allergic reaction from certain cheese (think red spots and bumps all over my face and neck...very sexy, hehe). That's one of the reasons why I switched to soy milk and almond milk. When it comes to good cheese, that's unfortunately one of my weaknesses...
But more about a healthy diet and excercise in upcoming posts :)

It's needless to say that every person is different and may benefit more from other products and treatments. I just wanted to share my personal routine and hope you enjoyed reading!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Prints available!

I have a couple of prints available of this picture. It's 20 x 30 cm high quality prints on glossy paper. I can autograph the print and add a personal message on the back in case you'd  wish that.

Prints are available for 20 euro each, excl. sending costs. Email me (miss.kaymorgan@gmail.com) if you are interested!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Lokurah videoclip

Last July I had my very first acting experience. I was asked to be part of the newest videoclip of French metal band Lokurah, directed by Julien Metternich.

I wasn't sure in the beginning because I didn't have any experience at all. Also, I'm quite shy and acting is still something completely different than doing a photoshoot. But I accepted and in the end it was a very nice and interesting experience. I wouldn't hesistate so long anymore in case someone would ask me again now :)
My boyfriend was also asked to act in this clip, and played the main role. It helped a lot that he was there I guess. Mental support and so :)  And of course it's nice to do something like this together.

We started at 8 a.m. in the morning and finished around 10 p.m. in the evening...quite a long day!

Maybe I should tell you the story of the videoclip first...
The story: A former topmodel gets disfigured in a car crash. She gets so envious of the beauty of young girls that she lures aspiring models to her house, under the false condition of a photoshooting. Once a girl arrives, she kills them by suffocating with a plastic foil.

In the videoclip you can see how there is a crime scene photographer who takes pictures of all the bodies and starts to be haunted in a way (he gets some kind of déjà vu feelings and images of the murders). In the end he discovers the place where the killer hides. It's a place full of burned and damaged pictures of the girls, creepy barbie dolls and masks. The killer then tries to kill the photographer too, but fails, and she gets killed herself. Ironically also being suffocated with a plastic foil.

As you maybe already may have guessed, I was the killer. :)
So I needed an "ugly" special effects make-up to make my face look damaged.
Here are some pictures of the preparation:
(The make-up was done by Laetitia Laverdure)

After the make-up was finished, I put on my black Fantastic Rubber catsuit in combination with long black latex gloves.
Then we were ready to start shooting my video part.
(My part is in the last minute of the video)

Here's the final result:

And here are some screenshots from the video to finish... :)


I hope you enjoyed reading and watching!

Check out Lokurah's Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/lokurahmusic