Monday, 11 June 2012

Fantastic Rubber, catsuits and body image

When I just started modeling, I absolutely hated catsuits.
Not in general, but just on myself when wearing one.

I've been very insecure about my body since I was a teenager. As a child I used to have a very slim and sporty figure, and I had a hard time to accept my body changing into a much more feminin and curvy shape. The main problem were my hips and I felt that they were unusually wide and completely out of proportion with the rest of my body. My waist has a circumstance of 62cm but my hips are 99cm, so that's a big difference.
While I loved the hourglass-shaped figures of other women, I hated it on myself. And it took several years (and a lot of wide pants and big wide skirts) to accept my own body.

In 2008 I did one of my first latex shoots with Josselin Guichard. He pushed me (and succeeded to convince me) to wear a black catsuit for the last part of the shooting.

Here you have 2 of the results:

I liked how they turned out, eventhough I thought/think that you can see how insecure I felt at that moment.

From this point on I started to be more and more interested in catuits, and also wearing them myself.
It took more than a year until I did a second shooting wearing a catsuit though... It's the "famous" shooting with Marcus Gloger, in the white Fantastic Rubber catsuit with the white balloons. The catsuits (and all rest of the concept) was completely Marcus' idea.
When I think about it...these pictures are even of my most favorites from any shooting I ever did.

This shooting is were I got to know "Fantastic Rubber". Fantastic Rubber is a german company founded by Peter Pick. They are specialized in neck-entry made-to-measure catsuits. When you've never tried on such catsuit it's almost unthinkable that someone would be able to get in on, with the neck as only entry hole. But surprisingly it goes very easily!
Since I posted the first pictures of myself in the white Fantastic Rubber neck-entry catsuit online, I received several emails from people who wanted to know more about these catsuits. The question always coming back is if it is really thát easy to get a neck-entry catsuit pulled on. And as I always answer; yes it is. You will be surprised and amazed :) Also the quality is great with a good finish.
After this first shooting I worked multiple times together again with Marcus Gloger and also Fantastic Rubber.
The white catsuit in combination with a Fantastic Rubber corset.

The "big boobs" catsuit.
The "big boobs" catsuit, in combination with a Fantastic Rubber corset.
The "Atlantis" catsuit.

My opinion about catsuits has turned around 180 degrees and now I just dream to have a LOT of catsuits in my latex collection. (Oh, I ordered a black metallic neck-entry catsuit from Fantastic Rubber recently. So there will be a blogpost + pictures about this very soon... Stay tuned!)
Also my opinion about my own bodyshape has changed. I accepted the way I am and am even happy with this. I wouldn't want to have another bodyshape. I even dare to say that a catsuit needs an hourglass shaped figure to be at its best.

Funny how some things can turn around like this :)


  1. Nice article, thanks for that! It's a "must read" for every model ;)

  2. That's a great post and how you did a 180 about how you felt about yourself. You look great. I wish my wife would wear more catsuits but they are very expensive and she has hesataions about them but hopefully she will find them as great as you do. She is definitly built for them.. anyway you look great as always keep it up. Love it

    1. Sometimes it just needs some time. If you say she's definitely built for them, I think it's just a matter of time before she will wear it more. Just let her see and feel enough that's she absolutely beautiful and sexy in it. I think most women just need to gradually build some confidence in something before to see how great something really is/looks on them :) Unfortunately catsuits are indeed expensive, nothing to do about that I guess. But if you already invest, then better go directly for a good quality and made-to-measure catsuit. It really makes a big difference.
      And thank you for the nice comment!

  3. nice ,beautifull! pictures!i like !to be continued???????? kiss!

    1. For sure there will be more catsuit pictures in the future!

  4. Luckily, 'twas all about the self-image... :))

  5. Wow !! you're amazing !!

    The contrast between your blue eyes and black catsuit is very beautiful!

    I will make my heart attack and come back !

  6. Toch ook wel mooi met dat half lang haar ;-)

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